QB1 For Radiology

QB1 Available X-HIS QB1 is an Ai-based virtual care application empowering healthcare teams while creating healthy and happy patient care communities. QB1 leverages a high scale and secure common data model platform delivering superior results via interoperability, Ai insights, and automated engagement. In addition, QB1 provides features including patient 360, pre-visit (questionnaires, referrals), tele-visits (video, CC, Multi-lang, mobile), post-visit (Survey sentiment, NPS, CSAT), consent management, payment processing, and much more.

Here’s what this app can do:

  • Receive messages and data that I provide to it.
  • Send me messages and notifications.
  • Access my profile information such as my name, email address, company name, and preferred language.
  • Receive messages and data that team members provide to it in a channel.
  • Send messages and notifications in a channel.
  • Access this team’s information such as team name, channel list and roster (including team member’s names and email addresses) – and use this to contact them​.

Referral Management

Unify disparate source inbound/outbound referrals, orders and requisitions. Preserve revenue and prevent leakage to out-of-network providers​. Reduce missed appointments/​no-shows (recoup revenue). Automate insurance eligibility and pre-authorizations​.


DICOM Structured Auto Reporting

Utilizing the detailed measurement information contained in a DICOM Structured Report (SR) is an effective way to reduce data entry errors and streamline reporting workflows for dictation applications. In particular, our Integration Engine can extract the structured measurement data from DICOM SR and feed any compatible system with an HL7 V2 order message to automate the population of these measurements in a dictated report.


  • Automation speeds turnaround time, saving 30 minutes per report 2-day turnaround for new report configuration
  • Reduced manual and duplicate data entry
  • Eliminated manual printing and hand-written reports
  • Minimized clicks/dictation
  • Higher availability of ultrasound
  • Use AI to configure campaigns or workflows based on data insights