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Communicate, Collaborate and Connect

A fresh new approach that drives “in the moment” care powered by AI technology. Move beyond healthcare system silos and connect securely to unify patient data  into a single, longitudinal patient record.


Our Mission…

3C Care Systems, the idea was sparked after realizing a greater need for communication, collaboration and connectivity inside and outside organizations with a unified, proactive solution in the rapidly changing evolution of virtual care and remote office situations specific to healthcare. Our mission is to connect and curate the world’s healthcare information to make it a “in the moment” experience, easily accessible and useful. We will simplify the way care providers work by streamlining the technology and administrative processes associated with providing virtual care while maintaining wellness. 


Our Solutions…

Requisition Management

Unify disparate source inbound/outbound referrals, orders and requisitions. Preserve revenue and prevent leakage to out-of-network providers​. Reduce missed appointments/​no-shows (recoup revenue). Automate insurance eligibility and pre-authorizations.

DICOM Structured Reporting

Utilizing the detailed measurement information contained in a DICOM Structured Report (SR) is an effective way to reduce data entry errors and streamline reporting workflows for dictation applications. In particular, our Integration Engine can extract the structured measurement data from DICOM SR and feed any compatible system with an HL7 V2 order message to automate the population of these measurements in a dictated report.

QB1 for Radiology

Our “QB1 for Radiology Suite” delivers superior results for radiology, cardiology, and perinatology by leveraging QB1s data driven Ai bots and action cards within Microsoft teams, Outlook, EMR Portals, etc. QB1 integrates the RIS & PACS relevant apps and devices bringing all patient, order, labs, and referrals to the center of your collaboration efforts. QB1 leverages a high scale and secure common data model platform delivering superior results via interoperability, Ai insights, and automated engagement. In addition, QB1 provides features including patient 360, pre-visit(questionnaires, referrals), tele-visits(video, CC, Multi-lang, mobile), post-visit(Survey sentiment, NPS, CSAT), consent management, payment processing, and much more..

Our Services…

Cloud Services

Azure Public Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Compute, Storage, and Networking Managed Servers OS and Databases Cloud Load Balancers Express Routes to Private Clouds

Private Cloud Hosting:

Managed Server Configurations Private & Public Clouds Managed Colocation Services


Office 365 Suites Reseller
–   Secure Remote Access
–   VPN Desktop Virtualization
–   Mobile applications.

Professional Services

Expertise you need, when you need it

We are a team of well-seasoned healthcare IT professionals available to help with any technology and or workflow needs that you may be experiencing due to the rapidly changing healthcare technology needs for telehealth and virtual office space since the pandemic.



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